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Brunon Blaszak's Royal Bengal Tigers

Bengal tigers        
  • Internationally acclaimed Tiger Trainer, Brunon Blaszak is devoted to preserving these amazing and rare creatures

  • Helping to insure that people will continue to love and learn about these beautiful “Big Cats”!

  • www.brunostigers.com

Panfilov's Performing Pets

Bengal tigers
  • Mayya Panfilova began her career as a dancer in her native Orenburg a city located in the South of Russia

  • At home, Mayya surrounded herself with pets, cats in particular, dreaming that, some day, she could work with them on stage.

  • Andriy Bilobrov has trained five Jack Russell terriers and to present the public with amazing accomplishments that go far beyond, far, far beyond their usual vocations.

  • www.capitolint.com/Fairs/performingPets

Sawptician Chainsaw Carving Demonstration

  • Unique carvings, bears, birds, benches, signs & much more!

  • “A hillbilly engineer”

  • Rustic, natural wood

  • Own one without being a millionaire

  • Pieces auctioned Saturday — unique carvings, stained glass, specialty items

  • www.sawptician.com

Wood Carving

Farmer For A Day

Picture 3

  • Be a Farmer

  • Milk Harriet the Harford Fair Cow, really milk!!

  • Dig potatoes, pull carrots, play in the dirt…..

  • Collect the eggs…

Houghton Enterprises Amusements

                   Picture 1Picture 2 Picture 3

Houghton Amusements Daily Wristbands Only $20.00


Wool Spinner
  • Broom Making

  • Basket Weaving

  • Coopering

  • Sheep Shearing

  • Wood Burning

  • Wool Spinning

Picture 11

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