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In Memory of Gerald Albeck

                                                     Unlike many involved with the fair, Jerry did not grow up
                                                  with the fair.  It wasn’t until his father and father-in-law were
                                                  involved and it was with their encouragement that Jerry also
                                                  became interested in and dedicated to the Harford Fair.  Serving
                                                  as a member of the board of directors for nine years, his work
                                                  with the fair was far more than the position.
                                                     Jerry dedicated many hours each year in the preparation for
            the week-long fair by posting the signs on route 81, helping with any ground work that needed to be
            done, helping vendors and parking campers.  Jerry’s dedication to the beauty and cleanliness of the
            fairgrounds led to his work with the youth in that area.  He gave pride and meaning to the youth who
            made sure the fairgrounds were cleaned daily as was the arena and grandstands.  Along with those who
            worked with him, they gave official names to those who worked in these two areas—the Garbologists
            and the Bleacher Creatures.  He trained the youth workers not only to do the job of cleaning the
            fairgrounds but taught them so much more.  He helped to make polite, responsibly, dedicated workers.
            He frequently worked side by side with them to teach them pride, politeness and a positive work ethic.
               While Jerry worked tirelessly for the fair, he also had a passion for his work for the church. He was a
            member and served as the janitor of the South New Milford Baptist Church.  He took every opportunity
            to help to make the youth take responsibility within the community.  As a result, he trained the group
            to serve as ushers in the grandstands at the Harford Fair on the evenings of the big events.  He
            delighted in serving Christ.  Of his many jobs, one of his favorites was being a walking mailman.  He
            also served in the US Navy.

               Jerry went to be with his Lord on August 28, 2016, leaving his wife Rae Belle of forty-two years as
            well as many nieces and nephews.

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