Camping Rules for the Harford Fair

Please read carefully

• “Preferred Camping”- Camping reservation forms must be received by July 1st, 2024 for preferred camping. All preferred camping reservations will be placed in or near the same spot as last year, if possible. Payment in full must accompany the form. Any reservations received after July 1st, up to August 1st, will be placed on a first come, first served basis.

• All reservations must be received by August 1st, 2024. There is no guarantee of getting a camping space after August 1st. Any reservations made after August 1st will be placed wherever there is space left and at the price of that space.

• Camping Areas - West Side is the same side as the Fairgrounds. East Side is the parking lot side of the grounds. Camping Sections are A, B, C, D, G, and H. Section G and Section H have 30-amp service.

• If you would like to run your air conditioner, please request this by checking the correct box on the form and paying the correct amount to be placed in Section G or Section H, with 30 amp service. No air conditioners will be allowed to run in Sections A, B, C, or D - there are NO exceptions to this rule. If you try to run your air conditioner in these areas, your camper will be unplugged.

• Measure the overall length of your camper including your hitch. Measure accurately - if you do not fit in the assigned space, you will be placed in the next available space that best fits your camper. Any camper over 38’ will be placed on the East Side. No exceptions.

• Incomplete camper forms will be returned, as well as forms received without payment.

• Campers must enter at Gate 3.

• Camper space assignments and parking arrival times will be emailed with your camping confirmation.

• All campers must be on the grounds by 6:00 pm Sunday, August 11, 2024.

• Campers are responsible for all blocking and extension cords. All electrical cords must have a ground (3 prong plug). If they do not, you will not be allowed to plug in until you get one. Please bring a long enough extension cord - a 100-foot cord is recommended.

• No water or electric is available for Tents or in the Orchard.

• There is NO sewer hookup. Arrangements can be made for pump outs during the fair. There is a fee for a pump out which must be paid, in cash, when scheduling your pump out.

• Camper Permits must be picked up from the Secretary’s Office and displayed prominently on camper, trailer, and tent at all times.

• No pets are allowed on the fairgrounds (exception: service animal or part of exhibit/show).

• All campers are required to have an operational fire extinguisher.

• Adult supervision is required for minors at all times in the camping areas.

• No dumping of gray water or other waste on property. Dumping on the grounds will result in not being allowed to come back next year.

• Campers on the West Side of the Fairgrounds will not be allowed to move out until Sunday after the fair. This is to ensure the safety of our fairgoers.

• Assigned camping area must be cleared of all items before leaving the grounds. Failure to do so will result in not being allowed back next year.

• Alcohol, controlled substances, firearms, and fireworks are not permitted on the property of the Harford Agricultural Society.


All persons (patrons) who enter the property (fairgrounds) of the Harford Agricultural Society and use any of the facilities for the purpose of exhibiting, displaying, competing, or in any other manner participating in the Harford Fair, do so at their own risk. These patrons acknowledge they have voluntarily chosen to participate in the activities of the Harford Fair. Patrons are also aware that the activities of the Harford Fair may expose them to dangers associated with live animals, amusement rides, demolition derbies, tractor and truck pulls, and similar events. Patrons acknowledge these dangers and accept all risk of injury or death. Patrons also agree to hold harmless the Harford Agricultural Society, its members, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, and contractors for any damage or loss which might occur to any animal, vehicle, or equipment which they choose to bring to the fairgrounds.