Department 19: Poster Contest

Event Day and Date
JudgingAugust 11, 2024 at 2:00pm.
Deadline for all entriesAugust 1
Drop OffFriday, August 9 from 10:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday, August 10 from 8:00am to 12:00noon
Pick-UpSunday, August 18 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please bring your claim ticket.
Contact Name Phone Email
SuperintendentAbby Cook570-434-4300[email protected]

Department Rules

Section 998 – 2024 Youth Poster Contest

Class 1: ages 8-11, Class 2: ages 12-14, Class 3: 15-18

Exhibitors must adhere to the General Rules for the Harford Fair listed here.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture will once again conduct a statewide poster contest at the agricultural fairs. Participating Fairs will hold their own contests and submit one poster from each age group to the state level for additional judging and cash prizes.
To enter: go to and follow the link to enter online or use the Schoolhouse Entry Blank.

Criteria for the Harford Fair Poster Contest

The prize money at the Harford Fair in each class will be: 1st place - $20.00      2nd place - $15.00       3rd place - $10.00

  1. Only one poster may be submitted per exhibitor, per age group. There will be three state competitions by age. Exhibitor must be in the age group by June 1 of the current year to qualify. Class 1 – ages 8-11, Class 2 – ages 12-14, Class 3 – ages 15-18.
  2. The poster size must be 14x22 inches or 14 ½ x22 inches.
  3. This year’s theme is “Connecting our Communities”. Contestants will be asked to submit artwork that showcases the pride and hard work of farmers across the state, connecting people from all walks of life for a celebration of the importance of agriculture in our communities. Exhibitors using other themes will be disqualified at the state level.
  4. Only one poster per age group per fair may be forwarded to the state competition. The Fair Secretary is responsible for submitting the entry forms and poster.
  5. Posters will be evaluated on use of theme, visual appearance, and creativity in relation to the exhibitor’s age.
  6. The overall winner out of all the classes will receive a prize of $25.00.
  7. The prize money at the 2025 PA Farm Show in each age class will be: 1st place: $100.00, 2nd place: $75.00, 3rd place: $50.00

Winners will be notified in advance and invited to attend an awards presentation. They will also be required to provide their social security number for award disbursements. All posters will become property of the PA Department of Agriculture for possible future promotional activities for the PA Farm Show and PA State Association of County Fairs. Any duplication of posters from previous years will be disqualified. Posters will not be returned via mail but may be returned via arrangements made with your fair.