Department 22: Animal Costume Contest

Event Info
JudgingWednesday, August 16 at 6:00pm
Deadline for all entriesPre-registration is not required, but is recommended.
Open toContest is open to any animal exhibitor.
Contact Name Phone
For QuestionsHeather Winn570-396-4857

Contest Rules

Exhibitors must adhere to the General Rules for the Harford Fair listed here.

  1. To enter: Complete application, deposit in container at the information desk in the 4-H Building or mail to: Harford Agricultural Society, 485 Fair Hill Road, New Milford, PA 18834.
  2. Animals will be dressed in the Cattle Arena. Bring costume items for yourself and your animal to the Cattle Arena.
  3. Each division will come to the judging area as a group, in order, as listed below.  Exhibitors will dress their animals at this time.
  4. When entire division of animals and exhibitors are dressed, they will parade for the judges.
  5. Entrant hereby grants the right to use his/her photograph of likeness and photos of his/her entered items to the Harford Agricultural Society for its promotional purposes, waives any and all compensation for said use, and releases the said Society for any and all claims whatsoever arising out of the use of his/her photographs or likeness.

Animals will be showing in the following categories in each division:

  1. Most Original
  2. Animal/Exhibitor Look Alike
  3. Judge's Favorite

The winners in the Judge's Favorite category in each division will come back to be judged for BEST OF SHOW Award.