Department 9: Rabbits

EventDay and Date
JudgingMonday, August 17 at 9:00am
Deadline for all entriesAugust 1
Drop OffSunday, August 16 by 4:00pm
Pick-UpSunday, August 23 from 8:00am until 1:00pm
SuperintendentJennifer Sartell570-557-9308[email protected]

Department Rules

Exhibitors must adhere to the General Rules for the Harford Fair listed here.

Please see entry form below for a complete listing of rules and classes.

The rabbits will be judged by the latest rules and standards of the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association.

  1. To enter: go to and follow the link to enter online or use the rabbit entry blank on page 82 of the Harford Fair Premium Book and submit it with the entry fee of  $1.00 per rabbit. Read and understand the General Rules on page 25 in the Harford Fair  Premium Book.
  2. All rabbits must have a permanent legible ear All ear marks must be listed on the entry blank.
  3. After entry deadline of August 1, changes or substitutions will only be allowed within the same specific class (i.e. breed, sex, age, and variety). Changes may be made through the Secretary's Office up until August 9,
  4. Rabbits will be fed and watered by capable help during the week of the fair, but the Harford Agricultural Society nor the Harford Fair will not be responsible for the loss of any rabbit.
  5. Rabbits must be in good Any rabbit exhibiting any signs of disease or stress (e.g. runny eyes or nose, poor flesh condition, or extreme molt) will be sent home.
  6. Entries will be accepted in the order they are received until such time as the cooping capacity has been
  7. If capacity in cooping is reached, exhibitors will be limited to 20 rabbits for
  8. In Heavy Breeds maturing over 10 , (indicated by an asterisk*), classes will be: Senior (8 mo. & over); Intermediate (6-8 mo.); and Junior (3-6 mo.). The Regular Breed Classes will be Senior (6 mo. and over) and Junior (3-6 mo.). Weight limits per class depend upon the breed. If in doubt, call the superintendent.
  9. Only rabbits entered as exhibits can be sold, but CANNOT leave the fairgrounds until 10 PM Saturday, August 22, Bunnies 6 weeks old to 3 months old CANNOT BE SOLD - even from the Doe & Litter exhibit.
  10. The Meat Pen Entries can only be sold as a pen.
  11. The decision of the superintendents is final.

Department 1 - Rabbits - 2020 Health Rules

Requirements for Pennsylvania Rabbits Entering the Fairgrounds:

  1. All animals must be free of infectious and contagious diseases

Requirements for Out of State Rabbits Entering the Fairgrounds:

  1. All animals must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued within 60 days prior to August 16, 2020. The CVI will remain with the superintendent after check-in. Please contact the superintendent with any questions.
  2. All animals must be free of infectious and contagious diseases and a statement of this is required on the CVI.