Horse Pulling Contest

Event Info
Weigh InSaturday, August 17, 2024 from 6:00am to 8:55am
ContestSaturday, August 17, 2024 at 9:00am Main Arena

Contest Rules

Exhibitors must adhere to the General Rules for the Harford Fair listed here.

The pulling arena shall be marked off with white lines. This field shall consist of an area 100 feet long & 18 feet wide. End lines on this field will denote the limit of pull. Should the boat be left at a distance less than 16 feet from either of these end lines by a previous pull, the driver must make the succeeding pull in the opposite direction. All pulls, with the exception of the third attempt for qualification, will be made in the same direction as the preceding pull until the limit of the field is reached as noted above

  1. 27 ½ feet will be a qualified pull.
  2. All lightweight teams to be weighed at designated place with an official present.
  3. No changing drivers or bridles during contest.
  4. Driver may change sides with his horses – Time Permitting.
  5. In case of a breakdown (actual separation of equipment, not unhooking of chains or straps) team will go to end of the line-up.
  6. Competition open to all.
  7. Ropes or lines to pull between to be determined by judges. Standard distance is 18 feet.
  8. Winning positions determined by measured distance. In case of a tie, the next longest distance from a previous pull will determine the finishing positions.
  9. Any contestant finishing in the top four places must take one hook to receive prize money, trophy, or ribbon.
  10. Any contestant receiving prize money must draw off all positions (at least one hitch) or forfeit prize money & trophies unless he/she notifies the judge and the announcer, so that an announcement has been made in advance of the contest.
  11. Two Hookers plus a team driver will be allowed. There will be no line slapping of horses. Helpers cannot touch horses or boat during the contest. All helpers to stay behind eveners and remain silent once team is hooked. All others to remain out of t he immediate pulling area (or behind boundary lines, if this applies)
  12. If a helper goes to the team’s head, team must unhook and circle before re-hooking.
  13. If a horse steps on or over ropes or lines, pull will be disqualified.
  14. The driver is compelled to ride and stay seated during pull.
  15. Each team has three chances to qualify each load.
  16. Any team arriving late can hook to the existing load, providing there are no teams eliminated.
  17. A contestant has three passes, not to exceed three minutes, to get hooked on from t he time he is called to hook.
  18. From the time distance is measured and stake is moved up, one minute will be allowed between 1st and 2nd pull; otherwise contestant forfeits 2nd pull. (Teams may unhook within the time limit). Boat can be spotted on the 3rd & final pull.
  19. In the event there are less teams than paid prize placings, any NON WINNERS can return. Teams pulling in the Heavy Contest must have at least one “fresh” horse.
  20. If, during a contest, a team runs away, free from the driver and helpers, the team is excluded from this hitch and any further hitches. Prize money won up to this point will be kept.
  21. Contest is over when the finishing positions have been announced.
  22. Behavior of all the horsemen (drivers & helpers alike) to be above reproach at all times. Disciplinary action by the judges will be taken. Anyone disputing the decision of the judges will be immediately disqualified.
  23. Further disciplinary action may be taken by suspension from further contests for a given period of time, by enforcing a fine, or both.
  24. All participants will abide by the regulations of the PENNSYLVANIA DRUG LAW.
    (Refusal to be tested is admitting guilt and subjects participant to all penalties of the law)
  25. Improvement in DRESS CODE for both the teams and the participants is suggested for a more appealing spectator image.