The Harford Agricultural Society Youth Board is an exciting, interactive group of youth that strives to instruct the next generation on the operations of the Harford Fair, while offering many benefits and fun activities for its members.

Membership Requirements:

  1. A membership form must be completed. Please provide a signed letter of recommendation from an advisor (teacher, coach, pastor, etc.).
  2. The Youth Board consists of individuals ages 14-21 (by July 1 of current year).
  3. A one year probationary term will be served.  If satisfactory, a two-year term will follow.
  4. This should be considered a service contribution and non-paid.
  5. The individual should abide by the rules and responsibilities of the Harford Agricultural Society, and promote the Harford Fair in a positive manner.

Applications are always welcome. Please return competed applications and letters of recommendation to:
Harford Agricultural Society
485 Fair Hill Road
New Milford, PA 18834