Liability Statement


All persons (patrons) who enter the property (Fairgrounds) of the Harford Agricultural Society and use any of the facilities for the purpose of exhibiting, displaying, competing, or in any other manner participating in the Harford Fair, do so at their own risk.

 These patrons acknowledge they have voluntarily chosen to participate in the activities of the Harford Fair. Patrons are also aware that the activities of the Harford Fair may expose them to dangers associated with live animals, amusement rides, demolition derbies, tractor and truck pulls, and similar events.Patrons acknowledge these dangers and accept all risk of injury or death.

 Patrons also agree to hold harmless the Harford Agricultural Society, its Members, Directors, Agents, Employees, Volunteers, and Contractors for any damage or loss which might occur to any animal, vehicle, or equipment which they choose to bring to the Fairgrounds.