Vendor Application Form

Note: This is an application for a space at the Harford Fair, and is NOT a contract. Your application does not guarantee a space for the upcoming fair. The Board of Directors will review all applications. You will be notified if your application is accepted or denied.

Please complete the form below or you can download an application to complete offline.

Vendor Rules

  1. TIMES FOR SET-UP: You may set up your space from August 14-August 18th, 2019. Set up MUST be completed by 3:00pm on Sunday August 18th. All vehicles (including golf carts, etc.) must be removed from the Fairgrounds by 3:00pm on Sunday, August 18th, 2019.
  2. EXHIBIT SPACE: All spaces will be marked with lines. Your exhibit must be contained within the boundaries of your rental space. This includes hitches, awnings, tent stakes, advertising, etc. All roadways, walkways, and fire lanes need to be kept clear. Please be considerate of your neighbor.
  3. SPACE: You must MAN YOUR SPACE from 10:00 am to 10:00pm each day and 10:00am to 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday. Early tear down/removal could be cause for not being invited back next year. No vehicles will be allowed on the fairgrounds for tear down until 12:00 midnight on Saturday, August 24, 2019.
  4. SUPPLY/INVENTORY: To restock your space during the fair with a vehicle; your vehicle (including golf carts etc.) must be on and off the fairgrounds before 10:00am each day. This will be strictly enforced. Vendors will be responsible for moving their own inventory. If you intend to use an ATV, UTV or Golf Cart to restock, or to travel to/from your camper, please provide a copy of that vehicle’s insurance to the office before entering the grounds with it.
  5. SALES:
    1. Objectionable materials may not be sold on the fairgrounds. Examples: Obscene materialsand large knives. No knife with a blade length of greater than 5’’ may be sold. The HarfordAgricultural Society reserves the right to determine what is obscene or objectionable.
    2. All sales and promotions must be conducted from your space. Roaming the grounds to sell or hand out materials is not allowed. Posters and decorations need to be confined to thespace rented.
    3. A space renter/vendor may not undersell any item sold by The Harford AgriculturalSociety.
    4. The Harford Agricultural Society reserves the right to determine the number of promotional announcements and winners of drawings during the Fair. Announcements will be limited to three per day and three winners per announcement. It is your responsibility to notify winners.
    5. Stuffed toys and quilts are regulated and require testing and a license. This applies to those which are homemade.
    6. No food or drink items will be sold by any vendor unless they are a designated food vendor and have been authorized by the Board of Directors of the Harford Agricultural Society
  6. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: All space renters/ vendors are required to have an approved fire extinguisher in their space.
  7. GARBAGE: You need to cooperate in keeping your area free from litter. When you clean your area before and after the fair please place all garbage in the large dumpsters located on the fairgrounds.
  8. LOCATION: If you want to request a space change, you must notify the Commercial Space Coordinator in writing. The Harford Agricultural Society reserves the right to approve the final placement of space renters/vendors.
  9. CAMPERS: Camping rules and reservation form are available online at Please submit completed form to Harford Agricultural Society, 485 Fair Hill Road, New Milford, PA 18834, prior to August 1st. Camping fees are not included in the Vendor Fees, and must be paid separately.
  10. ELECTRICITY AND SUPPLIES: Fees for hookup to electrical service during the Harford Fair will be included with your invoice. An electric permit will be issued and must be posted within your space during the Harford Fair. Outside renters must provide their own 50’ extension cord; #14 or heavier wire. Space renters/vendors are responsible for lights within their space, extension cords, adapters, tables, tools, brooms, etc.
  11. LIABILITY INSURANCE: A Certificate of Insurance is required, naming the Harford Agricultural Society, 485 Fair Hill Road, New Milford, PA 18834 as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured with an expiration date through August 25, 2019. Required coverage is a minimum of $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence and the same for the aggregate. If you do not have your own policy, insurance may be purchased through the Harford Agricultural Society at a cost of $125 for the week.
  12. APPROVAL: All space renters/vendors must be approved by the board and provide insurance. Assigned spaces my NOT be shared or sub-let without prior approval by the Board of Directors.
  13. DOGS: Dogs are not allowed on the fairgrounds. Exceptions: Dogs involved in a scheduled exhibit, scheduled entertainment, or used as a service animal.
  14. SMOKING: No smoking is allowed in BUILDINGS, BARNS, TENTS, and OR CONTAINED STRUCTURES on the grounds of the Harford Agricultural Society.
  15. DEPOSIT: A non-refundable $60.00 deposit is required by March 1st to reserve your space. Full payment is due by July 15th. New vendor applicants – there is no fee due until you are notified of acceptance.
  16. SECURITY: Personnel will be on the Fairgrounds from August 14, 2019 until Sunday, August 25, 2019.

Any infractions of the rules may lead to expulsion from the grounds and/or not being invited back. No space renter/vendor is guaranteed a space from one year to the next year. Invitations to our fair are reviewed yearly.